Rick Coste is an American writer and audio producer.  He is best known for his work in audio drama.  His projects include The Behemoth (2016),Bryar Lane (2016), Inhale (2017), the science fiction series Is There Anybody Out There? (2017) and most recently the all ages show Pixie – The Devil’s Daughter.  Coste has also contributed to the Women of Marvel, and This Week in Marvel podcasts produced by Marvel Entertainment, as well as the horror anthology series Creepy.  His novel treatment of The Behemoth is represented by the Jenny Bent Agency.  He is currently writing the middle-grade novel The Last Days of October.

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Birth of An Audio Drama 013: Recorded Lines

So now that I've written my script, selected voice artists, and had a read-through with the cast,  it's time to sit and wait.  Most of the shows I produce involve remote artists so this is when I eagerly watch for files to come in.  I usually set up a...

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Birth of An Audio Drama 012: Read-through

As I was recently on the subject of recording I felt it was probably appropriate to say a few things about read-throughs.  Whether the production involved remote artists, local artists, or a mix of both, the read-through is a must.  I typically hold mine...

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Need Character Names? Ask Scrivener

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Scrivener.  I use it for novels, short stories, audio scripts, screenplays, stage plays, etc.  I'm pretty sure I started using Scrivener right after it was first released in 2007 and, if asked, considered myself an...

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Birth of An Audio Drama 011: Recording

Let's say I have my audio drama script and my cover art.  It will be a dull and lifeless project without voices right?  In the last post I explained how I find voices and some of the places I've gone to find the artists behind them.  But there's an even...

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Birth of An Audio Drama 010: Voices

When it comes to audio drama there are two things that almost prevented me from pursuing it as a medium.  Voices and Sound Design.  I had no idea where to start.  I knew a bit about sound mixing (from my guitar days) but when it came to the immersive...

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Birth of An Audio Drama 009: Cover Art

Djamila Kopf. Nils Nihils. Cotton Valent. Anna Khlystova. Niken Anindita. What do these names all have in common?  They've all created cover art & artwork for one of my shows. One of the things I love to do early on in the creation of a show is to imagine...

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We Were A Featured Segment!

One of the things I love about Audio Drama is the people I get to work with and who breathe life into a show.  I was thrilled when NH Chronicle (a New Hampshire news television series) visited my home to spotlight the work being done to bring this medium...

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Birth of An Audio Drama 008: Drafts

If you know me and my work I tend to write short mini-series.  The episodes are short by design.  If all are added together they will typically run about the length of a standard movie (90-120 minutes).  The Behemoth runs for almost 3 hours.  I like to...

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