I’ve been writing since I picked up my first comic book and tried to place my favorite characters in new situations using my mother’s old Smith-Corona typewriter.  In those stories Peter Parker grappled with his bad luck and Supergirl tried to prove to the world that she was just as powerful as her famous cousin.  I never lost the love of writing and it’s a constant thrill to create character driven stories that contain little pieces of myself.  It is characters like Charlie (Charlie’s Mailbox) and Madyson (The Behemoth) that get me up at 4:00am most mornings in order to share their stories with the world.

Audio Dramatist

What is an audio dramatist you ask?  A dramatist is a person who writes plays.  An audio dramatist is a person who writes plays for audio.  My specialty is short-form mini-series (check out the superhero drama Inhale or the family-friendly show Pixie).  With audio fiction I can create entire worlds without the costs of CGI or a large special effects budget.  The listener helps me to accomplish this.  Their imagination is my canvas.  With narration, dialogue, and the sound of monstrous, earth shaking footsteps the listener can ‘see’ for themselves Max’s (The Behemoth) slow trek across America.  You can find most of my work in the medium at my sister site ModernAudioDrama.com.  Pixie has her own site at PixieShow.com

Audio Editing and Sound Design

As well as writing traditional books and scripts for audio I have had the honor to be involved with a couple of projects that are not my own.  A particular thrill was sound editing for both the Women of Marvel and This Week in Marvel podcasts produced by the extremely talented people at Marvel Digital Media, as well as sound design for a few episodes of the appropriately named Creepy podcast by Small Town Horror‘s Jon Grilz.

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