I want to take a moment to talk about a tool I couldn’t live without.  It’s as important a part of my audio drama creation process as my audio editing software.  That tool is Evernote.

There are other tools that serve a similar purpose but I find Evernote as intuitive as it is ever present.  Many of the tools I’ll discuss are Mac-centric, but not exclusively.  It’s fair to say, and by no means a stretch, that Evernote is an extension of my brain.  Seriously.  I do not have the best memory.  Unless it concerns some obscure fact about Marvel comics or Universal Horror films I probably need to Google it.  Or, if it concerns a project I’m working on, I’ll fire up Evernote.  Plot lines and ideas hit me in all sorts of situations and if I don’t  jot them down almost immediately they will almost certainly be lost to me.  Before Evernote I used to combat this by sending myself emails, voicemails, and pockets that were full of scrap notes.  Now I can add it to Evernote no matter where I am or what the situation is and forget about it (like I was going to do anyway but with a lot more stress). I can access it on my phone, laptop, desktop, or iPad.  It’s cross platform and has a browser version.

Evernote allows me to set up virtual notebooks for everything I’m working on (see screenshot), be it an audio drama, book, screenplay, or coding project. There are notes that contain one or two lines for a story idea, and there are those that hold the text of entire articles (you can save the text, url, or image directly from your browser using a small plugin developed by Evernote).  When a project is completed I’m also able to export all of the notes related to the project in oder to store them elsewhere.  I do this often because my list of notebooks often expands at a mind-numbing rate. That’s the curse of having too many projects I want to tackle. When I started work on the second season of Is There Anybody Out There? I immediately created a folder so I could keep track of all of my crazy musings and/or disjointed thoughts.  And yes, there are time I will look at a note and think “um…what was I trying to say?”.

I could bore you with all of the little things that Evernote can do but this is neither a sales pitch (there is a free tier as well!) nor a tutorial.  To have a way to capture my thoughts and ideas in an easy, quick, and retrievable way is indispensable.

If you are not convinced, or not quite sure how this method of capturing notes, research materials, and ideas can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out for more info.  I’m always happy to share what I’ve learned and how I’m doing things with it.


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