If you know me and my work I tend to write short mini-series.  The episodes are short by design.  If all are added together they will typically run about the length of a standard movie (90-120 minutes).  The Behemoth runs for almost 3 hours.  I like to keep them short as it gives the listener the chance to say “Hey – look.  The next one is only 15 minutes long.  I definitely have time to listen!”  Whereas they may not if the episode is a lot longer.  And this is not to say that this is the way it should be done.  Absolutely not.  It’s just how I look at it and how I create.  Your plans and creative techniques may turn out to be completely different.

Now that the first draft is done it’s time to edit.  I dislike editing.  Immensely.  I’ve always been that way.  Once a writing project is done I want to move on to the next.  I also don’t like to see how bad the first draft is so I’d rather not look at it.  But, of course, I have to.

So this is what I do.  I let it sit.  For at least a week.  I might work on something else, start another writing project, or tackle some other  ‘pre-production’ items (voice artist search, cover-art, etc).

After a few days have passed I’ll run through the script again, fix mistakes, tighten up dialogue, and add or cut lines.  I’ll also read it out loud as I do this.  It always surprises me how something might look great on paper but when it’s read out loud it comes off as wooden or unemotional.

How many drafts do I go through before I consider it in decent shape?


Just kidding.  Usually three.  Sometimes four.  It depends.  I do have to stop looking at it at some point.  I can always find something to change or tweak.

As this is one of least favorite things to do I’d like to hear from you.  How do you tackle editing a script or writing project?


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