When it comes to audio drama there are two things that almost prevented me from pursuing it as a medium.  Voices and Sound Design.  I had no idea where to start.  I knew a bit about sound mixing (from my guitar days) but when it came to the immersive soundscapes I’d heard in other shows I was tempted to shy away from it all.

Thankfully I didn’t!  I’ve mentioned them before in this series but the Audio Drama Production Podcast sent me off in the right direction when it came to finding voice artists and learning sound design.  I’d worked with voice artists in a very minimalist way for a science podcast series called Evolution Talk.  When it came time to cast my first fiction series The Behemoth I wasn’t sure what to do so I posted a casting call for auditions on a bulletin board specifically for that.  I don’t recall now what board it was but I received no less than twenty auditions for the role of Madyson.  Among these was Lizbeth Liu.  If it hadn’t been for her performance as Madyson I probably wouldn’t be writing this now.  It’s honest to say the success of that show is largely because of her.

For the voice of Milly in Bryar Lane I turned to Mandy.com (formerly CastingCallPro).  It was here that I was introduced to Lorraine Ansell and she was pure magic.  Suffice to say – I’ve been very lucky when it comes to finding the right voice for a role.

Today I find the voice artists I work with by listening to other shows.  It’s sort of like being a talent scout.  I found Kelly Mccabe (the voice of Izzy) when I heard her on the ingenious Greater Boston audio drama. Meredith Hama-Brown, the voice of Fee, was found in the same way.  I heard three lines from her on a show and knew I’d found the right voice and attitude.  I could go on and on about each of the artists I’ve had the joy to work with but that provides some insight into my current process.

That leads me to a question many new producers struggle with.  Remote or Live recording?

I’ll touch on that next…


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Image: Voice Artists Jessica Rainville and Mark Coutu (photo by Rick Coste)

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