It’s Sunday morning at 4:35am and I’m feeling lost.  Even writing that last sentence feels uninspired and alien to me.  On Sunday mornings I typically get up a little after 4:00am, write for a couple of hours, and hop onto Twitter to check out the buzz around #audiodramasunday.  Not today though.  I’m not currently scripting, producing, or promoting a new audio drama. My last show, Pixie-The Devil’s Daughtercompleted its run in early June and I finished the last draft of my middle-grade novel Ama and the Golden Gear just a few days ago.  I’m now stuck in the one place I dread to be creatively – between projects.

It’s a strange place to be.  I continue to get up before the sun rises over the trees behind the house.  I still sit in my favorite writing chair waiting for those first rays of morning to hit the back deck.  I still have my laptop fired up and ready to go yet, for the past few days, I’ve languidly and absent-mindedly visited websites I haven’t visited in a while, scanned social media, or edited pictures, all to distract myself from the fact that I have no task at hand.  I’m a writer with nothing to write.

So why do I continue to get up this early?  It’s because I’ve convinced myself this sense of aimlessness will change eventually.  It always does.  I went to bed last night tossing an idea around for the next book in the loose series I’m putting together.  There’s a crowd of characters jostling for attention in my head and I just need to focus on one.  Once I’ve found her (or him) I can begin.  It always starts with the character and the story she has to tell about herself.  It’s almost like an interview process where each character steps into the spotlight to tell me about herself for a few moments.  When there’s a connection or a tugging at the heart my work can begin.  And it never feels like work.  It feels like a journey of discovery where I learn about myself just as much as I learn about the character whose voice wants to be heard.

So that’s why I continue to do this.  It’s because if I don’t I might lose the chance to tell her story (whomever she may be).  It is also why, instead of mindlessly tapping keys, I decided to write this post.  It helps to keep the gears oiled and ready.  There’s a long line of interviews to conduct 🙂


Ama concept by Cotton Valent

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