Rick Coste is an American writer and audio producer.  He is best known for his work in audio drama.  His projects include The Behemoth (2016),Bryar Lane (2016), Inhale (2017), the science fiction series Is There Anybody Out There? (2017) and most recently the all ages show Pixie – The Devil’s Daughter.  Coste has also contributed to the Women of Marvel, and This Week in Marvel podcasts produced by Marvel Entertainment, as well as the horror anthology series Creepy.  

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Birth of An Audio Drama 001: Plan

As I mentioned in the first article of this series, I hope to cover, from a high level, the things I do to launch a new audio drama from beginning to end.  As of this writing I have launched 11 shows (14 if you count the educational podcast Evolution...

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The Path of Discovery

I've belonged to a few online writing groups over the years and one question which inevitably crops up is whether or not to begin work with an outline.  This question applies to fiction writing of course (I can't imagine winging it with non-fiction), and...

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The Child Inside

When I was a child everything seemed magical.  Comics were my escape.  As was TV.  It was a rare Saturday afternoon that you wouldn't find me parked on the couch for Creature Double Feature.  Sunday nights were reserved for The Wonderful World of Disney....

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